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The Mythos House story is based heavily on the Greek way of life and our food culture.

The proprietors of the restaurant have direct Greco-Cretan roots and as such wanted to reflect their heritage in the naming of the restaurant, whilst in turn retaining a Hellenic identity.

Mythos House’s focus is underpinned by the traditional Hellenic culinary philosophy of fresh, simple ingredients cooked according to traditional methods with rustic and provincial influences.

Our team at Mythos House is driven by a highly experienced and well credentialed head chef who has extensive experience in traditional Hellenic and Cretan cuisine across numerous up-scale venues in Greece and Europe.

Mythos’ support team, comprised of locals, is also well versed in authentic Hellenic cuisine and all team members have an affinity for the Hellenic culture, including the atmosphere and ambience that we all strive to create in our dining room.

The restaurant is family owned and operated and is customer service oriented and driven. We strive to provide exceptional service and welcome people of all cultures to share in our dining experience.

We aim to reproduce a large component of the Hellenic way of life through our cuisine and our dining space.

Our Menu

Mixed Seafood Platter
Mixed Dips

Our menu is based on Byzantine fundamentals and differentiates us from the traditional Greek Taverna. We prepare traditional A La Carte Greek dishes, in addition to the traditional Taverna dishes, and offer a wide range of Greek, local and imported wines to complement our menu.

All of our traditional dishes are made on site and only the freshest ingredients are used to ensure optimal quality. We source our produce locally in almost all instances and will only serve dishes that we would serve to family.

Our ideology is to reproduce the way of life, and the food culture, that our forefathers experienced in their villages in Greece.